August 1, 2022

Psychedelic Healing for Men of Color w Victor Cabral LSW(Episode 12)

In this episode of the Conscious Evolution podcast we are gifted with a rare look into the mind of a man of color on a journey to heal himself and his community through sacred medicine.

Psychedelic Healing for Men of Color w Victor Cabral LSW (episode 12) #ConsciousEvolution

The Conscious Evolution Podcast with Dr. Andrea Pennington

Before he became a woke therapist, Victor Cabral was a young black man on a LOT of DRUGS. These drugs were legal and they were prescribed by licensed medical doctors. Through sacred plant medicine, Victor shares how he found the trajectory he was seeking.

In his case, facing his dark emotional shadows as he sat in ceremony was the impetus to “TRANSCENDENCE”, the film he is currently producing. Tune in to learn more about the film and how you can support him. ABOUT OUR GUEST Victor is a collaborative and strategic leader who is making an impact on historical inequalities in his community and across the United States.

About our guest

Victor is the Founder of Dreamers of the Day LLC. and serves as the Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs for Fluence International Inc., a company that provides evidence-based training in psychedelic therapy and integration services to clinicians across the globe. He is a Licensed Social Worker and practicing psychotherapist in Pennsylvania with training in Internal Family Systems, Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Integration. Connect with and Follow Victor online: @awondrousmind on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Clubhouse

Recap & Takeaways

Men of color are finally feeling safe to speak up about mental health and seek help.

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