December 15, 2023

Forging Courage from Childhood WOunds With Ginseng Gray-Tilmon(S2 E2)


TaiChi as a healing modality is explored.

Forging Courage from Childhood WOunds With Ginseng Gray-Tilmon(S2 E2)

The Conscious Evolution Podcast with Dr. DaeEss 1Drea

An inspiring and heartfelt interview with Ginseng Gray-Tilmon, a clinical Doctor of Physical Therapy, as she shares her incredible journey of healing and resilience. In this interview, she opens up about her childhood experiences, the impact of Tai Chi on her life, and her path towards holistic healing.

Discover how she found the strength to overcome past traumas, reconnect with her family, and embrace a new sense of purpose. 

About our guest

Learn more about Ginseng’s practice and work in Tai Chi by visiting her website,, and subscribing to her YouTube channel, Tai Chi with Ginseng. 

Recap & Takeaways

Many wounds are released through somatic therapies, like TaiChi.

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