August 1, 2022

Burnout Recovery  Facing Taboos with Psychedelics (Episode 9)

Yolanda shared how wine and shopping were part of her burnout and eventual awakening.

Burnout Recovery with Psychedelics with Yolanda Russell (Episode 9)

The Conscious Evolution Podcast with Dr. 1Dreah Pennington

In this episode, Dr. 1Dreah speaks with former nurse turned life coach and podcaster, Yolanda Russel. Yolanda candidly shares how her overwork and personal habits ultimately led her to burnout as a nurse. She also shares how psychedelics have helped her heal, find a new career path and live free AF.

Yolanda tells it like it is and will inspire you to do the same!

In the interview Yolanda explains that fear is real, but we get to choose what we do with it. She has been described as courageous for the bold choices she has made in her life and she asserts that anyone who sees HER as COURAGEOUS…is therefore ALSO COURAGEOUS.

Tune into this podcast episode and you’ll also hear about Yolanda’s new season of her podcast, Unfiltered & Taboo, and her bold way of tackling juicy topics including sexuality and dating.

About our guest

 Yolanda is often described as a firecracker! She is full of energy, packed in a petite stature. Originally from Maryland, Yolanda started taking BIG leaps in life after moving to Texas in 2012.

She’s a former ICU RN that took a chance on herself after hitting severe burnout in 2016. Yolanda discovered psychedelics a year ago and has found them to be pivotal in her growth and transformation. Through her podcast and motivational content, Yolanda’s mission is to empower women to embrace living real, raw, and free AF!

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Recap & Takeaways

Yolanda was self-medicating her symptoms of burnout with alcohol before she even knew she was in burnout. 

Plant medicine has helped her embrace a whole new life and career, raw, unfiltered and FREE AF!

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