June 26, 2022

Awakening God Consciousness with Ayahuasca and other Psychedelics with Valencia Khoza (Episode 8)

She Googled God and Ayahuasca Popped Up!
Valencia grew up always having a direct spiritual connection to divine energy. But when the desire she felt in her heart to know the true meaning of her existence and her desire to truly know GOD, her traditional Christian church left her seeking more answers.

Awakening God Consciousness with Ayahuasca and other psychedelics with Valencia Khoza (Episode 8)

The Conscious Evolution Podcast with Dr. 1Dreah Pennington

In this episode, Valencia Khoza tells Dr. 1Dreah about how Ayahuasca actually showed up as an answer to a Google search.

Valencia explained that she wanted to connect with God beyond reading words in a book.

Beyond PRAYER…Beyond MEDITATION… She wanted to know if she could actually TALK TO GOD…and when she typed in a Google search asking  that very thing, “Ayahuasca” popped up! 

She was surprised to find a spiritual community near her in South Africa who held a variety of sacred ceremonies with plant medicine. Valencia was beyond inspired and leaned into the answers that were being offered by ‘Mother Aya”. And in this video, she shares her experience and revelations!

Did she actually have the conversation she was seeking with God?

Is the truth really OUT there? …Or is it WITHIN? 

Tune in and find out!

About our guest

Valencia Khoza is a seeker, intuitive channeler, Truth teller who is passionate about helping people awaken to God consciousness.

Recap & Takeaways

Valencia bravely followed her intuition and knows that there is a direct path to knowing God, to waking up, and to raising consciousness.

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