January 7, 2023

Decolonizing Psychedelics & Ancestral Healing with Buki Fadipe (Episode 14)

Buki’s work is inherently focused on investigating how psychedelics can be used as a tool for transformational healing, social reform, personal and collective liberation. Her motivation includes investigating the intersections of spiritual emergence, intergenerational trauma, and transformative justice.

Decolonizing Psychedelics & Ancestral Healing with Buki Fadipe (Episode 14)

The Conscious Evolution Podcast with Dr. Andrea Pennington

After a tumultuous and traumatic childhood and being forced to grow up early after the loss of her father, Buki felt broken and depressed during her early teens. In need of healing and recovery, but without traditional psychotherapy resources, she was on her own. As she battled suicidality and self-harming, recreational drug use became her way to cope.

After getting through university, her body spoke up and made it clear that her coping mechanism wasn’t sustainable and she abstained from drug use cold turkey. The depression came back and made her withdraw from the world.

Then, taking an intellectual approach to investigating depression she found research about meditation and how psilocybin worked on the brain. Thus, psychedelics came back to Buki, with an invitation to look at them with fresh perspective.

About our guest

Buki Fadipe is a Nigerian/British writer, decolonized educator, sacred medicine practitioner, seer and healing catalyst. She founded Adventures in OM (@adventures.in.om) as an educational resource for those seeking expansion, healing and growth with sacred earth medicines. Her work is rooted in spirituality and reclaiming ancient earth/indigenous wisdom to act as a basis for earth based holistic healing. 

Buki is a certified Psychedelic Medicine Practitioner and Hatha Yoga instructor. She runs retreats, educational workshops/courses, and facilitates coaching for preparation, harm reduction and integration for those seeking healing on the entheogenic medicine path.

Connect with Buki online at adventuresinom.com

Recap & Takeaways

Breaking free from colonial, capitalist influences can be supported with psychedelic therapy and integration.

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